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The Dog Chew Project


It’s not a secret that chewing is a great way for dogs to keep their teeth clean, to provide enrichment, but for us, the most important aspect of chewing is the positive effect it has on our dogs' mental health.  


The act of chewing actually releases endorphins which help to relax and calm your dog.  From personal experience we can say without a doubt, daily chewing makes a huge difference for all of our girls.  Daphne especially who struggles with pessimism.  Her struggles are markedly reduced and she is able to relax and have a good sleep from providing her with daily opportunities to chew.


But choosing the right chew for your dog can be really difficult!  One of my first questions is always - how long will it last?  What is a long-lasting chew for one dog, will be a quick snack for another.  It’s not always easy choosing the right chew for your dog.  A lot of it is just trial and error.  And it was along the way of our own long-lasting chew search that #thedogchewproject was born.


We’ve put together a panel of ‘expert’ chewers to help guide you.  Our panel consists of five beautiful dogs with varying chewing capabilities and techniques.  We’ve also given each of them a rating out of 5 and a short description of their chewing style to help you match your dog up with one of them to further guide you in your search for the right chew for your dog.


We will constantly be reviewing and adding to our range so please let us know if you have stumbled across an amazing chew that we don’t yet stock.


Chewing is a beneficial activity for every dog and helps them with their mental well-being, which in turn helps with yours.  The Dog Chew Project is another way that we can help you on your journey to being a mindful pet owner, and we are so pleased that you are here!

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