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Mindful Life

A life skills course for puppies and dogs

  • 1 hour
  • 210 British pounds
  • Online Session

Service Description

Speaking from experience, 6 weeks with your new puppy flies by in a blur and at the end of the Mindful Beginnings course you will be making great progress with training but want to keep progressing… Enter Mindful Life. Similar to our Mindful Beginnings course, this is also a 6 session package, but instead of having weekly sessions, they are fortnightly.  This gives you plenty of time to really master and progress the skills, to complete your homework (yes homework), and to have a go at the fortnightly challenge. It is always important that we train the dog in front of us, and for that reason, our Mindful Life course does have a plan (a mix of behaviours and games), but we still tailor this to your dog and their needs.  It’s quite common as your puppy starts to get closer to adolescence, and the hormones start kicking in, that they will start to experience a few ‘blips’.  Blips are simply just that, a blip in their progression, sometimes even a little step backwards.  I’m here to tell you that this is completely normal, but it can be a trying time and support during this time can be crucial.  So if it is support you need, it is support you will get. Along with the six 1-hour private sessions, detailed notes following each session, access to e-books and videos, you also get access to me via WhatsApp for all those questions you may have in between your sessions, to send me videos and photos for me to give feedback on.  This can be crucial to keep you and your dog progressing, but it is also a source of encouragement and emotional support during what can be a bit of a trying time with your teenage dog. There is no age limit for this course as the skills we work through are valuable for all life stages, but if you are new to concept training we may actually recommend that you start with the Mindful Beginnings course instead so you don’t miss out on the important foundation training you and your dog need for this next stage. ​

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