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Mindful Beginnings

A 6-week course for puppies

  • 1 h
  • Online Session

Service Description

Getting a new puppy, or adopting a new dog is an exciting time, but it can also be a little daunting!  If you’re anything like me, you want to make sure you are doing the best you can for your new addition but knowing where to find the answers can be tricky.  So, I decided to make this journey a little easier for you. ​ Mindful Beginnings is a 6-week course that will set you, and your new canine companion, up to have a rewarding relationship for the rest of their lives.  But a rewarding relationship is so much more than training your dog to sit on command! ​ The 6-week course includes a private 1-hour training session via Zoom each week where we will cover the basics in training (sit, stay, down, etc.) but, because it is a private session, we can tailor it to you and your dog.  If your dog takes a little longer with certain skills, we can slow down and take our time until they grasp it.  If they are picking up skills quickly, we have the opportunity to do additional training depending on what behaviours you would like to work on with your dog, or if you are having any behaviour concerns, we can also work on these.  This is something you just won’t get in a normal group puppy training class. ​ Traditional training classes can have too many puppies/dogs, which can be really daunting for those who are less confident.  This can result in our dogs becoming fearful of other dogs, noises and situations, which is the complete opposite to what you are trying to achieve!  Some puppy classes also include 'free play time' which if not supervised vigilantly, can result in negative interactions and ongoing fear of dogs as a result.  A single bad interaction has more of an effect on your dog than 100 positive ones! ​ Our training focuses on games-based training, which means the learning is fun for both you and your dog. This style of training helps to build an amazing relationship with your dog while growing important life skills.

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Milton Keynes, UK

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