Now this is my pride and joy product!


Our little Pickle loves to roll in every disgusting thing she can find and I would alwasy struggle to get rid of the smell - even after multiple washes.  And so my journey began to create a shampoo that would really get rif of any smell.


Stinky Fox has been tried and tested by multiple dogs on a long list of smells that are simply too disgusting to list here, but they were all gone after one wash.


This soap bar makes it really easy to rub all over your dog without them shaking it off.  It lathers extremely well and the bar has great longevity.  I purposely didn't include any fragrance because our dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell, so imagine what it is like for them being made to walk around smelling like a bunch of flowers!


Now it is a black soap but I promise it won't stain your dog!  In fact, it will actually make white dogs even brighter.


A couple words of warning - keep this bar on a soap dish so it doesn't stain any surfaces in between washes, and your bath will likely need a clean afterwards to remove any oil residue.


Ingredients: saponified oils (olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, rapeseed oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, neem oil) and activated charcoal.


Each bar is approximately 4oz.

Stinky Fox - Dog Soap Bar

  • Keep this bar on a soap dish to avoid staining of surfaces between washes.


    It may leave an oily residue around the bath so make sure you clean it afterwards.