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The Snuffle & Seek Ball is a great addition to any household.  It is definitely a level up from the Snuffle & Seek Mat so I wouldn't recommend this as a starting snuffling option.  It takes a little more patience which means your dog needs a higher tolerance of frustration and patience.


Start simple - keep the treats large and very shallow within the folds, and help them to find them.  We want this to be easy and fun, giving them easy wins while they learn the skills they need.  Then slowly reduce the treat size, bury them deeper and reduce your involvement.


Remember if it is too difficult they will either get bored and give up and walk away, or they will get frustrated and try to destroy it (kind of like having a tantrum).  These are both clear signs that you need to make it easier for them.


These come in one size and are appropriate for all size dogs.  If your dog likes to destroy things, make sure you supervise them and pick it up once they are finished.


As with all our fabric products, these are machine washable on a cold cycle put I would recommend putting them on a gentle cycle or inside a pillow case or delicates bag.


Bespoke colour combinations are available on request for an additional £2.00.  Please allow an extra couple of days for these items to dispatch as bespoke items are made to order.   Available colours - white, yellow, orange, red, pink, light purple, dark purple, light blue, dark blue, light green, and dark green.


Enjoy the video of Pickle demonstrating with our favourite TV show NCIS on in the background ;)



Snuffle & Seek Ball

  • Machine wash on cold cycle.

    Gentle cycle recommended, or wash inside a delicates bag or a pillow case.

  • This is not intended as a chew toy.  Dogs should be supervised at all times and the product put out of reach once finished.  If any parts break off, discard immediately to avoid life threatening injury.

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