Our Snuffle & Seek mat is a great enrichment item for any dog.  


There is lots of evidence showing that our dogs actually prefer to work for their food, not just have it delivered to them in a bowl.  Our Snuffle & Seek mat is a great low arousal and easy introduction into the art of searching out their food.  Not all dogs naturally have the patience to search for their food, and not all dogs have the skills, but searching and working for their food is a fabulous skill to develop, but it also activates their SEEKING system, which is vital for providing a balanced lifestyle for your dog and avoiding unwanted behaviours.


You can keep it simple to begin with and place the food on top, then slowly increase the difficulty and bury the food within the fleece


Bespoke colour combinations are available on request for an additional £2.00.  Please allow an extra couple of days for these items to dispatch as bespoke items are made to order.   Available colours - white, yellow, orange, red, pink, light purple, dark purple, light blue, dark blue, light green, and dark green.


Small - 8 inches * 8 inches

Medium - 10 inches * 10 inches

Large - 11 inches * 11 inches


Snuffle and Seek Mat - Large

  • Machine wash regularly on a cold cycle to avoid bacteria build up.

    Do not tumble dry.

  • Discard any broken pieces to avoid ingestion and potential injury.