Everyone knows I’m a dedicated dog mum.  I keep my girls fit, healthy, and make sure all their needs are catered for.  But even I sometimes need a little less ‘we’ time and a little more ‘me’ time. 


I know I’m not the only dog mum out there who loves to treat themselves as well as their dogs, and that’s where Paws & Relax was born.


We’ve created Paws & Relax as either a subscription box* (subscription link is under Paws & Relax tab on the menu) or for purchase as a one-off, with all products focused on self-care and pampering for you and your dog.  There will be a limited number of boxes produced each time and subscribing secures your box at each release.


The products included are all high quality with the vast majority being made by other UK small businesses


So what are you waiting for?  It’s time for you to Paws & Relax.


**Limited numbers available.  Orders open until sold out.  Orders will be dispatched no earlier than June 15th**


**The single purchase option is a lower price as the freshly baked donuts are not included**


In this box - 


For the dogs:

1 * Snuffle and Seek Ball

1 * Stinky Fox Dog Soap

1 * Kong Squeak Air Ball

1 * Kong Squeezz Action Red Ball

1 * Choco Tug Toy

1 * Pick ’n Tricks ‘No Humans Allowed’ Dog Chocolates


For the dog mums:

1 * Samantha Studio UK Bespoke Eye Mask

1 * Whitstable Herbal Skincare Rose and Calendula Soap

1 * Vet Yogi Wax Melts

1 * Lemon Drops Sweets Vegan Lollies (200g)

1 * Joe & Seph’s Popcorn (70g)

1 * Lo Bros Organic Kombucha (250ml)

1 * Deliciously Ella Raspberry and Cashew Nut Butter Ball (36g)

1 * British Crisp Co Handmade Crisps (40g)



*For details about the subscription please click on the Paws & Relax tab in the menu.

*The next release date can be found below.

*Where multiple flavours of a product are available, a flavour will be picked at random.

*Individual allergen and ingredient information can be found on the packaging or each product.

*Colour combinations and fabric patterns will vary and will be picked at random for each box.


***Next release date: August 26th 2021***

Paws & Relax (Single Box)