What you need to know:

  • Sustainably sourced (majority from Scottish highlands) Red and Fallow deer
  • Simply cleaned (without chemicals) and cut to varying sizes
  • Long lasting
  • No odour 
  • Minimal mess
  • Suitable from 6 months


What our team of expert chewers say:

  • All enjoyed chewing them, some took a little while to warm up to them but once they started they didn’t want to stop
  • As with any hard chew or bone, there is always some risk of teeth damage.
  • Archie (1/5) - we didn’t try Archie on these as he is such a gentle chewer.  One antler would last him a year though at the rate he chews.
  • Pickle (3/5) is tentative with hard chews.  She really likes an antler but she normally waits for Betty to start the chewing process then she will take over.
  • Daphne (3/5) really enjoys an antler.  A large size antler will last her several weeks.
  • Betty (4/5) loves antlers.  We normally give her the extra large size or she will try and swallow them.  An extra large will last her 2-3 weeks then we give it to the smaller girls to continue with.
  • Winnie (5/5) may have met her match in the deer antler.  An extra large antler lasted her 2 weeks with a chewing session each day.


**All chew products present a potential choking hazard.  Always supervise your puppy or dog.**

Deer Antler (range of sizes)