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What the hell is a Wubba?!

So these cute little guys have been a crowd favourite in our household for the last few months. And honestly they're a favourite of mine too as they actually last longer than 5 minutes which means we aren't forking out extortionate amounts of money on replacements every week.

Betty is a born destroyer, she lives to tear things apart. So the fact that these babies last longer than 5 minutes under her capable destroying skills is reference enough really.

As with most toys, the ears don't last long - within the first session she's got them off. The head is normally gutted within that first session too, maybe if we are lucky it lasts until the second session, so if you're dog is a little bit of an arsehole like ours and likes to swallow stuff that doesn't belong in the stomach - be ready to pick the pieces up as soon as appendages are removed and insides are on the outside. After they've undergone ear removal and brain excavation you're left with a pretty durable toy. Ours last several weeks after the delicate bits are removed before they are inevitably sent to the toy graveyard.

Our current victims after 4 weeks.

There is a squeaker to be found inside and as far as squeakers go, I'd probably give this one a 2 out or 10 on the annoying scale. The toy is quite tough so it takes a fair amount of pressure to actually make the squeaker squeak.

Betty loves these toys for playing fetch or tug-o-war, or for general destruction time. Pickle also really loves them for solo play time, no owner interaction required. I don't know why but Betty isn't really a fan of the green one - no idea why. I will not attempt to understand her life choices.

For reference, we always get the XL size otherwise Betty would destroy them much faster! Check out the Kong website below for more information about these toys and to find out where your dog can get their mouths on some of their very own.


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